BitcoinZH Introduction: As the year of the monkey begins, a look back at the year of the goat's biggest fortunes in the Chinese Bitcoin industry, including Executives from wallet, exchange and mining pool players. This represents 3.61% of all bitcoins currently in circulation.

Original Chinese Author: Shi Nai An

Bitcoin Rich List China, 2015, original Chinese text from

1. 吴忌寒 Wu Jihan

Position: Founder & CEO, Bitmain / Antminer

Industry vertical: Bitcoin mining

Personal wealth: 100,000 BTC

City: Beijing

From PhD student at Beida [Peking] University, living on instant noodles to buy bitcoin, to renowned industry investor and executive. He founded Bitmain in 2013, now the world’s number one bitcoin mining hardware firm. The source of over 50% of Bitcoin network hashing power.

2. 徐明星 Star Xu

Position: Founder, OKCoin

Industry vertical: Bitcoin exchange

Personal wealth: 85,000 BTC

City: Beijing

Star Xu discovered Bitcoin watching TV shows (The Good Wife), in a year when investments were up 70x. He resigned his position as CTO at and founded Bitcoin exchange, OKCoin, currently the world’s biggest bitcoin exchange.

3. 李林 Leon Li

Position: Founder, Huobi

Industry vertical: Bitcoin exchange

Personal wealth: 80,000 BTC

City: Beijing

The former Oracle executive in 2013 took the initiative to close RenRenZhe and found Huobi. In 2015 he founded Caimao and in sync with the enormous Bitcoin user base invested in spheres including payment cards, domain names and remittances.

4. 詹克团 Zhan Ketuan

Position: Founder & CEO, Bitmain / Antminer

Industry vertical: Bitcoin mining

Personal wealth: 60,000 BTC

City: Beijing

Together with Wu Jihan, he founded Bitmain in 2013. If Wu were Bitmain’s spiritual leader, then Zhan Ketuan would be the guarantor behind the quality of the Antminer brand, as the company’s Chief Software Engineer.

5. 吴钢 Wu Gang

Position: Founder, Haobtc Founder

Industry vertical: Bitcoin wallets, mining

Personal wealth: 50,000 BTC

City: Beijing

A legend in the Chinese Bitcoin community and the first geek in China to come into contact with Bitcoin. In 2014, he founded Haobtc, now China’s leading Bitcoin wallet, and entered the world of bitcoin mining. He is regarded as one of China’s foremost miners and Bitcoin thought leaders.

6. 花松秀 Hua Songxiu

Position: Founder,

Industry vertical: Bitcoin exchange, mining

Personal wealth: 45,000 BTC

City: Shenzhen

Founded in 2013, currently China’s fourth biggest bitcoin exchange, at the same time combining traditional capital investment to enter the bitcoin mining industry and founding Bitbank, now southern China’s most prestigious Bitcoin company.

7. 张楠庚 Zhang Nangeng

Position: Founder, Avalon

Industry vertical: Bitcoin mining

Personal wealth: 40,000 BTC

City: Beijing

An anime geek who in 2012 got his fellow geeks together to create Avalon, developer of the world’s first mining hardware. Inspired by idealism, he quickly had his hashing power distributed across the world, thereby dissolving the first potential crisis surrounding the centralization of bitcoin mining. Regarded as the father of bitcoin mining.

8. 翟文杰 Zhai Wenjie

Position: Founder, LK Group & Bitsea

Industry vertical: Bitcoin mining pools, mining hardware

Personal wealth: 30,000 BTC

City: Shenzhen

From running an internet cafe in a small town to joining the mainstream of bitcoin entrepreneurs took him 3 years. From representing Avalon mining to OEMs to creating his own mining hardware, this non-technical guy has through courage and growth led Bitsea to enjoy almost a monopoly position among the technically-minded mining community.

9. 蒋信予 Jiang Xinyu

Position: Founder, ASICMiner

Industry vertical: Bitcoin mining hardware

Personal wealth: 20,000 BTC

City: Unknown

Born in the 80s and nicknamed FriedCat, a child prodigy and Chinese Academy of Sciences graduate, he’s Bitcoin’s most controversial persona. Once one of two of China’s most renowned names, with the other being Zhang Nangeng. On the one hand are the investors who reached financial freedom through the ASICMiner IPO, on the other are those who lost fortunes in the hundred-fold decline in their share price. Most incomprehensibly of all, at the end of 2014 Jiang Xinyu disappeared altogether and the stock plummeted to zero. The desolate FriedCat wallet still holds 17,000 BTC but nobody knows the private keys.

10. 王纯 Wang Chun

Position: Founder, F2Pool

Industry vertical: Bitcoin mining

Personal wealth: 15,000 BTC

City: Beijing

Created F2Pool together with Shen Yu in 2013, and thanks to a strong reputation and exceptional tech, rapidly became the world’s biggest mining pool, currently holding 30% of global hashing power. Resembling more closely a hermit monk or a ninja, the only person to ever have achieved a double spend is the world Bitcoin community’s most formidable, and also a high-speed rail hobbyist, traveling alone around China on its high-speed rail network all year round.

11. 赵国峰 Zhao Guofeng

Position: Founder, Richfund

Industry vertical: Bitcoin quant trading

Personal wealth: 13,000 BTC

City: Phnom Penh

Esteemed bitcoin bot market mover, once investing 2,700,000 Yuan in one day. From seclusion in a large Shenzhen apartment he quietly became a big player, using investment strategies to accumulate some 20,000 BTC. Possessing the nimble intelligence of a northern Chinese, he has now emigrated to Cambodia.

12. 郭宏才 Guo Hongcai

Position: Chairman, BTC123

Industry vertical: Bitcoin venture capitalist & angel investor

Personal wealth: 11,000 BTC

City: Beijing

After a 5,000 BTC deal with Haobtc, this Shanxi businessman became China’s foremost Bitcoin evangelist, organizing conferences across the country and giving free rein to his diplomatic skills. Through a series of partnerships and separations he came to hold equity in bitcoin companies of all sizes, comprehensively establishing himself a bitcoin angel investor.

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