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BitcoinZH proposes a simple workflow for translation, combining Github for collaboration and bitcoin for payment. The idea is adapted from Hackercouch.

Anyone can submit a translation request, and anyone can provide the translation and be paid at the address they provide.

  1. Request(Fork->PR->Merge->Publish)
  2. Work(Fork->PR->Merge->Publish)
  3. Payment in bitcoin (A to B)

This creates an permanent public record upon which to establish trust.

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Request Party

  • Fork the bitcoinzh repo and create a file called in _posts/requests.
  • Your request can be either for English to Chinese or for Chinese to English translation.
  • Include your Github username, your deadline, your offer amount in bitcoin, the wallet you will use for payment and the text requiring translation.
  • Submit your pull request.

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  • Fork the bitcoinzh repo containing the file you wish to translate.
  • Open the file, add your github username, your wallet address for payment and the translation.
  • You can tweet @bitcoinZH Now Translating with the url to indicate to others this task is underway.
  • Submit your Pull Request

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  • The satisfied request party can make payment before or after the translation Pull Request is merged.
  • This completes the public record of the transaction.
  • The request party can now update the status of the request to closed.

See BitcoinZH on Github